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If you Want something new

You have to stop doing something old.

A single idea can change the trajectory of our lives. This is why Mélange Studios exists. To cultivate new lanes and ideate different realities.  A key problem? Creators often stifle their own artistry for the sake of fitting into the status quo. However, we believe imagination is neutral- it simply depends on what you feed it that is produced. Our mission is to build inclusive spaces that fuel artists to shamelessly reconnect with their imagination. Inspiring them to push past limitations and develop ideas society doubts. Because here, we believe in our potential as visionaries and trust our intuition to drive change. It's not a matter of "if"; simply a matter of "when".

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Meet Our Cohort

Meet the faces who will leave an impact someday. The inaugural class of our 2022 Creator Cohort.


We do

1. Create supportive spaces for new artistry to emerge.

2. Initiate connections between global creators.

3. Bridge gaps in accesibility to opportunity.


International cities our team is based in


Creators participating in our "2022 Creator Cohort"


Bi-annual publications to be released in 2022


Benefit Showcase in the Las Vegas Arts District 

 Mélange (N): A mixture; a medley. 

Artistry comes in many forms and when blended together, can create magic. We're ready to stir the pot. Far too often incredible artists are shut out from creative opportunities because they don't fit the mold of "experienced". In this studio, qualification is measured by passion and commitment. Your resume doesn't have to be massive Every creator, entertainer, and industry icon needed a place to start and be seen. If you believe in your craft and want to start forging a path toward your creative goals, we'll be here.

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