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Hybrid, Creative Production Studio

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On a mission

To become a global production studio specializing in curating memorable digital and in-person experiences. Using the power of collaboration to connect professionals and brands together through strategic partnerships and brand activations.

Join the mix.

Join the Mix.


Mélange (N) : A mix; medley






A Different kind of Agency.

A single idea can change the trajectory of our lives. This is why Mélange Studios exists. To cultivate new lanes and ideate different realities. We believe imagination is neutral- it simply depends on what you feed it that is produced. Our mission is to fuel brands to explore new avenues of connecting with consumers. Inspiring them to push past limitations and develop ideas beyond traditional expectations. Here, we believe in our potential as visionaries and trust our intuition to drive change.

It's not a matter of "if"; simply a matter of "when".

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About Us


International cities our team is based in


Creators participating in our "2022 Creator Cohort"


Main service offerings launching in January 2023


A global digital community of vendors 



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Working with brands and individuals to strategically brainstorm, plan, and develop production processes. Ultimately bringing their ideas to life with efficiency and clarity through a creative storytelling lens.



Using brand awareness and detailed strategy to develop one-of-a-kind activations and experiences for client audiences. Ultimately aiming to create memorable and impactful interactions to drive our clients' business growth.

Starting in January 2023, Mélange Studios will transition to offering the following contracted services.

Shifting gears to the digital space, we will work to understand the desires of clients and generate creative digital campaigns that stand out and align with their projected KPIs and Objectives.

Digital Campaigns

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* Full Site Launching December 2023 *

Connect With Us

 If you believe in your craft and want to start forging a path toward your creative goals, we'll be here.  |  Tel: 929-420-0178

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